Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate Milk Callets 1Kg


Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate Milk Callets 1Kg

Product description
These are the chocolates chefs rely on every day. Count on the most balanced chocolate taste in the world. They come in our White, ruby, dark and milk chocolate flavors!
How to use?
These chocolates literally take on every job. From mousse to pastry cream – from bonbon to lava cake. Count on perfect result every time.
From traceable cocoa – 100% sustainable

Recipe N° 823

Create with the master in cocoa, milk & caramel.
If you're looking for an iconic milk chocolate preferred by chefs worldwide, Recipe N° 823 is the way to go. Think a deep, warm colour, smooth cocoa body and sweet, caramelly notes to top it all off.
This well-loved chocolate has a full-bodied taste and great workability. Pair it with a wide range of powerful spicy, fruity, dairy or liqueur-like flavours. Its all-round fluidity makes it efficient in any application.

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