Portioning Board for 21g Brigadeiros (50 Holes)


Portioning Board for 21g Brigadeiros (50 Holes)

Product description

The introduction of the portioning board to the world of confectionery has revolutionized the way brigadeiro enthusiasts perfect their art.
This meticulously designed tool offers a seamless solution for achieving uniform brigadeiro portions without relying on a cumbersome scale.
By providing precise hole markers, the portioning board ensures that brigadeiro treat is crafted to the same size, presenting a professional touch .

The simplicity of its usage makes it an invaluable asset for both amateurs and experts, streamlining the process and resulting in a visually consistent array of brigadeiros.
Beyond its functional benefits, the portioning board showcases the commitment to detail and innovation within the confectionery realm, marking a new era in the creation of these cherished treats.

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