Chocolate Coating

Our line of Premium Chocolate Coating is made by in Brazil by Mavalério, the largest manufacturer of confectionary products in Latin America. They are the ideal melting chocolate and can be used as a dipping chocolate as well. These chocolate coatings are easy to melt and and use with chocolate molds for chocolate Easter eggs and bonbons, coating truffles, using as filling, spreading on texture sheets. It is also a great dipping chocolate for cake pops and can be used for much more. This chocolate coating's creamy texture and differentiated flavor made in Brazil pleases all palates, including the most demanding. Mavalério's perfected trans-fat-free chocolate compound does not require tempering and has some of the best flavor you will find in a chocolate compound.

Mavalerio has perfected its partially-hydrogenated-oil-free recipe for over a decade, which makes this one of the best chocolate coating on the market. Test out some this melting chocolate today and you will be converted. 

PHO FREE (no partially hydrogenated oils)

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