Predilecta Guava Paste - 17.64oz | Goiabada Predilecta - 500g


Predilecta Guava Paste - 17.64oz | Goiabada Predilecta - 500g

Product description

Predilecta Guava Paste is a delight! Brazilians have known it since childhood, and this tasty guava paste continues to be a beloved dessert (and always will be)! Guava paste is a popular sweet made from guava and sugar. Its firm yet soft consistency makes it super versatile, and most importantly, it retains the sweet and fruity flavor that has made it so beloved.

Predilecta Guava Paste comes in a 500g package (or about 17.64 oz). It is produced in Brazil and is a local favorite. You can enjoy Predilecta Guava Paste in various ways:

1. Brazilian Romeo and Juliet: Cut and overlap pieces of mozzarella cheese (or any fresh cheese) with squares of guava paste for a divine and unique snack.
1. Use it as a filling for pastries.
3. Or simply savor it with toast for a happy and delicious breakfast! Remember to check the ingredients listed on the packaging. Predilecta Guava Paste is a true Brazilian treasure!


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