Easy DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs Tutorial with Video

Easy DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs Tutorial with Video - ViaCheff.com

Have you ever wondered what is the easiest way to make a hot chocolate bomb?

These delicious and fun drinks are the biggest rage right now. They are fast becoming a seasonal tradition among confectioners the world over. 

What is the easiest way to make a hot chocolate bomb? Use a 3-part acetate sphere mold to create perfectly sized and formed chocolate spheres that you can fill with cocoa powder and marshmallows, capuccino or mocha and decorate with melted chocolate, sprinkles, and other confectionery decorations.

Sphere Molds: 50mm | 60mm | 70mm | 10cm | Geo Sphere | Mummy

The first step to making our hot chocolate bombs is to melt the chocolate and pour it into the mold. We will be using chocolate coating so you don't have to temper it. Just melt it in the microwave.

The Porto Formas molds come in three parts. Remove the flexible parts and pour the chocolate up to the limit line on the side of the cavity. Then, gently tap the mold to remove air bubbles.

In this mold I used milk chocolate, white chocolate and you can even mix it up a little. In another cavity, I put some milk chocolate and some white chocolate to give it a marble effect. I also added some red food coloring to some white chocolate to make a red hot chocolate bomb.

After you put in the flexible parts, place the third part on top. It's this one where you can see the cross.

Put it on top and press very gently. Then, turn the mold over and smooth it with your fingers so you can spread all the chocolate throughout the cavity. Once you are done, put it in the fridge for 12 minutes or until the chocolate is opaque. 

Looks like it's ready!

Once you take them from the fridge, carefully remove the flexible parts. Also, remove any excess chocolate with your fingers.

Next, we are going to fill the hot chocolate bombs!

For this one, I am going to use cappuccino and some marshmallows. You can use cocoa powder, nutella, mocha… Anything you prefer!

Once you have filled them up, join the two sides of the sphere together! Just dip one of the halves in melted chocolate and "glue" it to the other half.

Once you join them together, smooth the chocolate with your fingers so they stick together very well.

You can also use a pan for this. Heat it up and place one of the halves in the pan for a few seconds before joining it to the other one. Also, you can use a piping bag to spread some melted chocolate on the edges for joining them together.

Finally, time to decorate our spheres!

When it comes to decoration, use your imagination! You can decorate them for Valentine' Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas… Using anything you want!

You can use piping bags to make lines and designs with melted chocolate or luster dust that you spread on with a brush to make your bomb shimmer and shine. Throw on some sprinkles for added color. Feel free to use your magination!

Now, it's time to see the magic happen! Grab a mug and place your hot chocolate bomb inside. Then, pour the hot milk over the bomb. The heat will melt the chocolate, releasing all the ingredients inside. Stir and enjoy.

That is the easiest way to make a hot chocolate bomb.

Join the craze and make these fun and delicious treats for yourself, friends, family or, even, to sell. The first step is to visit ViaCheff’s online store and get your own 50mm sphere mold for hot chocolate bombs.

"These molds are way easy to work with. The chocolate comes out very easy and the cup that you insert really helps give these spheres a clean look." Krissi G.

Sphere Molds: 50mm | 60mm | 70mm | 10cm | Geo Sphere | Mummy

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