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Wholesale Policies, Terms, and Conditions:
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Important Notice About Taxes: 
If you're a business making purchases with the intention of reselling the items, and wish to purchase ViaCheff products for resale, you must provide us, the seller, with a Resale Certificate. This allows your business to make tax free purchases from us for the purpose of resale.

In most states, a Resale Certificate is different from a Seller's Permit. A Resale Certificate usually is a form filled with the information of both the seller and buyer, the items are being bought for resale and is signed by the buyer.

If you are unsure of the form for your state, please feel free to contact our office at wholesale@viacheff.com 

ViaCheff's information is the following:

ViaCheff Confectionary Food Products & Supplies LLC
9415 Atlee Commerce Blvd
Ashland, VA 23005

If you are not registered in your state as a reseller, please visit our retail site. 

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