Sage Gel Color 1oz (35g)


Sage Gel Color 1oz (35g)

Product description

The food coloring from the GEL Color line by the renowned brand "The Sugar Art" is an exceptional choice for pastry enthusiasts seeking quality and versatility in their projects. Available in a wide range of vibrant and intense colors, this gel-based coloring offers a unique consistency that easily blends, providing precise shades and consistent results. Its concentrated formula allows for only a small amount to achieve intense tones, making it economical and long-lasting.

Furthermore, GEL Color is highly stable, maintaining color and intensity even when exposed to different temperature conditions. Its gel texture facilitates easy incorporation into pastry mixes, ensuring even distribution. Professionals and amateurs alike can rely on the quality of this coloring to achieve impressive results in cakes, cupcakes, and other confectionery products. Setting a new industry standard, "The Sugar Art's" GEL Color food coloring is the ideal choice to transform your creations into true sugary masterpieces.

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