White Crispies (3mm)


White Crispies (3mm)

Product description

Doçura e Sabor, Inspiração Brasileira! (Sweetness and Flavor, Brazilian Inspiration!)

Introducing our White Crispies, the epitome of simplicity and taste! Each petite 3mm sphere harmoniously blends a rice cereal core with a pristine candy shell. A must for Brazilians in the US who appreciate the understated elegance and flavor of pure white in their confections.

Why White Crispies are a Delicate Delight:

  • Subtle & Versatile: Their neutral palette and delicate size make them an exquisite choice for garnishing desserts, infusing into chocolate creations like hot cocoa bombs and cakesicles, or savoring as a standalone delicacy.
  • Authentic Crunch & Taste: Experience the genuine cereal crunch, devoid of any hardness or blandness, enhanced by the subtle charm of the white candy shell.
  • Health & Allergy Considerate: Vegan, vegetarian, trans-fat-free, and PHO-free. Crafted in a facility that upholds the highest standards, being free from potential allergens like nuts, dairy, eggs, fish, and crustacean shellfish.

Product Details:

  • Size: 3mm spheres. We advise double-checking the size to ensure it aligns with your culinary vision.


  • Shaker Jar:
    • Net weight: 1.2 LBS.
    • Comes with a unique UPC barcode, simplifying resale for businesses.

Embrace the sweetness and flavor of ViaCheff's White Crispies. A touch of Brazilian elegance in every bite!

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