Diamond Easter Bunny Chocolate Mold

$6.99 $9.99 -31% OFF

Diamond Easter Bunny Chocolate Mold

$6.99 $9.99 -31% OFF
Product description

The Diamond Easter Bunny chocolate mold is a has a bold geometric shape with faceted edges that give the rabbit a unique look.

Porto Formas' 3-part molds makes it easy to quickly create uniform chocolate shells that you can join together to form your delicious chocolate bunny.

Before you do that, be sure to fill the cavities with something special. Use candy, cake, flavored cream or some other favorite treat. You can also hide small toys inside that kids will love.

Once joined, use your imagination to decorate your Easter bunny. Add texture with melted chocolate. Color it with luster dust. 

The Diamond Easter Bunny is one of many chocolate molds in our special Easter Collection.

Special 3-part mold with 4 pieces (2 rigid PET pieces and 2 flexible pieces)
Cavities: 2
Code: PF74
Manufactured by: Porto Formas
Product of Brazil
Cavity dimensions aprox.: H: 25mm, W: 120mm L: 120mm

Before and after each use of the mold, clean with a damp cloth in warm water, then allow to dry. Never use detergent, soap, or sponges. Between applications simply wipe your mold with a high-quality paper towel. Keep plastic wrapping from children’s reach. For longer life, keep your mold away from direct sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 122 degrees. NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.

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